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Hello to all my peeps!  My name is Katie and I am the owner of Thatza Wrap Nail Wraps. I am a Michigan gal, happily married (Chris) and have two amazing kids (Gabe & Gwenn). I am an independent company and this is my very own brand! I started wearing nail wraps two years ago and loved them, my nails are pretty short and I am usually too antsy to let nail polish dry. They seemed pretty perfect for me besides the fact I wanted to change them a lot, and couldn't afford to. My sister Wendy mentioned I should sell them and the wheels started to turn. I wanted something vegan, something that wouldn't damage my nails, and something SAFE! Here I am two years later and I am selling affordable, adorable, vegan nail wraps and I LOVE it. I have met so many new people from the process, and many I call friends. I am so blessed by God and so thankful for all of my wonderful Thatza Wrap family! 


Why Choose Us

We are a more affordable version of all the other nails wraps you can find out there, our wraps are the same style that you can find anywhere else but at a lower cost to you.

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